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El Injerto Auction Reserva del Comendador

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Bidding starts: 13 Jun 2017 13:00:00 BST
Ends: 13 Jun 2017 19:21:18 BST
Bidding Agreement

There's a place where nature and good-hearted people live together in perfect harmony, with an overwhelming sense of calm and reflection that is transmitted in everything we do. Here at Finca El Injerto, time runs slower and we have learned to become tenacious explorers of this journey that determines our families' future. It's in this place where our coffe plantations lie, and where we have dedicated ourselves for the past six decades to grow coffee like no other company, a guatemalan venture with a strong sense of tradition and on constant pursuit for innovation, accuracy and quality.

As the third generations of coffee growers, we're aware of our responsibility on producing the best coffee. This task is no commercial slogan, competition or goal; it has become our lifestyle and the guideline for the way we manage our relationships with workers and communities, and how we grow, harvest and select our coffee beans.

We believe that our respect for the land, history and tradition, strongly shapes our role as coffee producers, always seeking for sustainable practices where quality over quantity and people's development are main priorities.

It's not by chance that as a result of all the above, Finca El Injerto has become a reference on Guatemalan Coffee excellence, and that our coffee has been avowed as one of the world's top 5, awarded seven times with Guatemala's Cup of Excellence.

Lots in this auction

Lot Boxes Pounds Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
EI01135lbs$110.00/lb$3,850.00Pantaleon - Micro Mocca - Dry ProcessFeichtinger Kaffee for anonymous ClientFINISHED
EI02-014300lbs$27.25/lb$8,175.00Gesha Ruby - Dry ProcessHARU INTERNATIONAL (SHANGHAI)FINISHED
EI02-024300lbs$28.50/lb$8,550.00Gesha Ruby - Dry ProcessMOMOS COFFEEFINISHED
EI02-034300lbs$28.76/lb$8,628.00Gesha Ruby - Dry ProcessLATORRE DUTCH COFFEE (CHINA)FINISHED
EI02-043225lbs$29.61/lb$6,662.25Gesha Ruby - Dry ProcessHARU INTERNATIONAL (SHANGHAI) & GK CoffeeFINISHED
EI03-014300lbs$29.25/lb$8,775.00Pandora Pacamara - Dry ProcessLINKING COFFEE COFINISHED
EI03-024300lbs$28.75/lb$8,625.00Pandora Pacamara - Dry ProcessLATORRE DUTCH COFFEE (CHINA)FINISHED
EI03-032150lbs$30.25/lb$4,537.50Pandora Pacamara - Dry ProcessPebble Coffee Co. FINISHED
EI044300lbs$20.00/lb$6,000.00Pantaleon - Micro Mocca DONGJIN TRADINGFINISHED
EI05-014300lbs$38.00/lb$11,400.00Legendary Gesha WILLOUGHBY's COFFEE & TEA - EQUATOR COFFEEFINISHED
EI05-024300lbs$38.11/lb$11,433.00Legendary Gesha HELEN COFFEE COFINISHED
EI05-034300lbs$38.50/lb$11,550.00Legendary Gesha CloudpinkFINISHED
EI05-044300lbs$38.21/lb$11,463.00Legendary Gesha Ergos for MQ Coffee Shanghai & Cafetaster 咖啡嗜者FINISHED
EI05-054300lbs$38.50/lb$11,550.00Legendary Gesha Wataru & Co. LtdFINISHED
EI05-064150lbs$48.50/lb$7,275.00Legendary Gesha COSMETO CAFEFINISHED
EI06-014300lbs$18.25/lb$5,475.00Gesha RubyYING FUNG & Sweet home coffee (Taiwan)FINISHED
EI06-024300lbs$18.00/lb$5,400.00Gesha RubyLATORRE DUTCH COFFEE (CHINA)FINISHED
EI06-034300lbs$18.00/lb$5,400.00Gesha RubyLATORRE DUTCH COFFEE (CHINA)FINISHED
EI06-044300lbs$18.00/lb$5,400.00Gesha RubyELIXR COFFEEFINISHED
EI07-014300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraWataru for OGAWA COFFEEFINISHED
EI07-024300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraKYOKUTO FADIE CorporationFINISHED
EI07-034300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraGrand Cru Coffee (China) & KissCoffee (China)FINISHED
EI07-044300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraErgos for MQ COFFEE SHANGHAIFINISHED
EI07-054300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraBLUE BOTTLE COFFEEFINISHED
EI07-064300lbs$30.25/lb$9,075.00Reserva del COMENDADOR - Pandora PacamaraErgos for MQ COFFEE SHANGHAIFINISHED
EI08-014300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraCOLLABORATIVE COFFEE SOURCEFINISHED
EI08-024300lbs$29.25/lb$8,775.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraPebble Coffee Co. FINISHED
EI08-034300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraWataru & Co. LtdFINISHED
EI08-044300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraHARU INTERNATIONAL (SHANGHAI) & GK CoffeeFINISHED
EI08-054300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraTREES WIND COFFEE COFINISHED
EI08-064300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FAMILIA - Pandora PacamaraYING FUNG & Sweet home coffee (Taiwan)FINISHED
EI09-014300lbs$29.25/lb$8,775.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraWataru for MATSUYA COFFEE HONTENFINISHED
EI09-024300lbs$29.25/lb$8,775.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraLATORRE DUTCH COFFEE (CHINA)FINISHED
EI09-034300lbs$29.25/lb$8,775.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraWataru for SHRUB COFFEEFINISHED
EI09-044300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraWataru & Co., LtdFINISHED
EI09-054300lbs$29.00/lb$8,700.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraWataru & Co., LtdFINISHED
EI09-064300lbs$28.50/lb$8,550.00Reserva de la FINCA - Pandora PacamaraCafetenango and Café CajonFINISHED
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