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About this Auction Platform

Coffee Auctions Powered by Sensible Development

Sensible Development are recognised as one of the world's few specialist Coffee Auction software providers. We run online auctions on behalf of key players in the industry, including independent estates and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence; who operate national and international auctions in conjunction with their Cup of Excellence program.

The Fine Coffee Auction platform is operated on behalf of the estates of San Felisa & El Injerto Farm and the Speciality Coffee Association of Panama. We will be running 3 auctions in 2017 on behalf of these organisations.  


Santa Felisa

Welcome the the Santa Felisa 2017 Auction! Since it's establishment in 1904, Santa Felisa has travelled a long path through the changing trends of the market whilst maintaining their original values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. Now the fourth generation of coffee growers are operating the farm: Anabella & Antonio Meneses. Together, we have created a concept of precise agriculture. We analyze every day’s work against the laws of nature and the needs of the community. We are not just coffee producers. We are specialty coffee growers.

The 2017 Santa Felisa auction will be held on 20th June. Please register to be approved to bid and to order a sample pack. We have limited samples so be sure to order early to secure yours.

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El Injerto

Welcome the the El Injerto 2017 Auction! There's a place where nature and good-hearted people live together in perfect harmony. Here at Finca El Injerto, time runs slower and we have learned to be tenacious explorers of this journey that determines our families' future. For the past six decades we have dedicated ourselves to a Guatemalan venture with a constant pursuit for innovation, accuracy and quality. Our respect for the land, history and tradition strongly shapes our role as coffee producers, always seeking for sustainable practices where quality over quantity and people's development are main priorities.

It's not by chance that as a result, Finca El Injerto has become a reference for Guatemalan Coffee excellence, and that our coffee has been recognised as one of the world's top 5, awarded 7 times with Guatemala's Cup of Excellence.

The forthcoming El Injerto Reserva El Comendador auction will be held on 13th June 2017. We are now taking registration and sample pack requests - order yours now whilst sample packs are remaining.

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