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Lot SF-11-02: Elixir - Red Pacamara - Natural

Item Information

Final bid:$26.00/lb
Total value:$6,500.00


Farm Name: Santa Felisa Estate
Coffee Name: Elixir - Red Pacamara - Natural
Lot #: SF-11-02
Harvest date: January 2017
Variety: Red Pacamara
Process: Natural
Elevation: 5250 FASL
Avg. Temp: 65 F-75 F
Avg. Rainfall: 1200 to 1500 mm
Growing Region: La Organica-El Paraxaj, Acatenango-Chimaltenango (Guatemala)
Owner/Exporter: Agrocomercial Santa Felisa,S.A.
Mill: Santa Isabel
Drying Days: 32 days on raised beds

Awards: COE Winner of 1st place (2017)

Cupping Notes:

Planted in 2011, this Pacamara plantation has a deep and resistant radicular system that allows absorbing more nutrients. We chose a slow dry process to combine the 22 Brix concentration of sugars to create a juicy and exotic cup profile. Six of the cuppers agreed to describe this coffee as complete, creamy and consistent body. Clean and harmonious, it improves when warmer. Juicy, almost like a fruit cocktail, it recalls all sources of tropical fruits: passion fruit, berries, apricots, guava or even mango. Floral notes of jasmine and red wine added to its complex and bright acidity. Delicate, lingering and refine caramel and currant aftertaste.

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