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Lot SF-08-01: Moonrise - Gesha 2722 -Natural

Item Information

Final bid:$17.95/lb
Total value:$3,590.00


Farm Name: Santa Felisa Estate
Coffee Name: Moonrise - Gesha 2722 - Natural
Lot #: SF-08-01
Harvest date: February 2017
Variety: Gesha 2722
Process: Natural
Elevation: 5740 FASL
Avg. Temp: 60 F-70 F
Avg. Rainfall: 1200 to 1500 mm
Growing Region: El Paraxaj (in the farm), Acatenango-Chimaltenango (Guatemala)
Owner/Exporter: Agrocomercial Santa Felisa,S.A.
Mill: Santa Isabel
Drying Days: 28 days on raised beds

Cupping Notes:

The moon has a special meaning for agriculture to start new cycles. This is why we named this coffee Moonrise Gesha located in El Paraxaj farm at 1,600 MASL. It is a blend of the first pickings with 22 Brix and then natural sun-dried for 30 days. Very clean and consistent. With aroma of honey, grapefruit and floral notes. Highlights of white wine, green tea, apricots, plums and chocolate in the flavor. Orange type of acidity, consistent, creamy and full body, with a persistent finish.

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