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Lot SF-02: Solar Noon - Gesha 2722 - Orange Honey

Item Information

Final bid:$18.15/lb
Total value:$5,445.00


Farm Name: Santa Felisa Estate
Coffee Name: Solar Noon- Gesha 2722-Orange Honey
Lot #: SF-02
Harvest date: January 2017
Variety: Gesha 2722
Process: Orange Honey
Elevation: 5228 FASL
Avg. Temp: 64 F-75 F
Avg. Rainfall: 1200 to 1500 mm
Growing Region: Paraxaj (in the farm), Acatenango-Chimaltenango (Guatemala)
Owner/Exporter: Agrocomercial Santa Felisa,S.A.
Mill: Santa Isabel
Drying Days: Fourteen days on concrete patios.

Cupping Notes:

Picked right in the middle of the harvest season at 22 Brix, this Gesha coffee is semi-fermented before depulping the cherries. This process results in a very clean, transparent and balanced cup. It definitely recalls chocolate and floral notes. The sweetness is more similar to caramel and honey, enriched with a citric type of orange/tangerine acidity. Grapefruits, black tea, and a persistent finish that wraps up your palate. Enriched with a creamy and full body.

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